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Terms & Conditions

Minimum age requirement

This website is designed for adult users only. A age confirmation pop up will allow you to confirm you are at least 18 years old, otherwise you will be leaving this site.

New Customers & Orders

You need to sign up to place the first order. We may ask you to email a copy of your current photo ID to confirm your details.

Clear Payment

Order will be dispatched after a clear payment.

Non-available Item

If an items became non-available after payment, we will contact you to choose a substitution, store credit, wait until available or Refund.

Please email us within 7 days of receiving your parcel. Please include the order number & reason of return. All products to be returned must be in its original package. A different return address will be provided to you depending on your location.

Product names & descriptions

Some product names & descriptions may be changed and not reflected on this website. We may supply you with the previous, existing or upcoming version of the goods which is deemed to be the same or closest by the supplier.


All prices are inclusive of GST. All prices are Australian Dollars.

We, us & this site is referring to, A.B.N.: 23 130 051 271.